Stolen Eyes (study 2)


Printmaking: Ink on Canvas.

The story behind this beautiful woman from Nepal (and others like her) moved me so much that I just had to try and capture her beauty & serenity in the midst of such hardship.
Her eyes were removed as a young child so that she could beg in the street and so make an income from this for her family. This happens to many children in India and Nepal.

I hope I have captured some of the beauty & pain of this incredible woman.
I have no more words to describe this and hope that it speaks to the viewer.

*Please note: 10% of this sale will go to the Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund quake fund by Global Giving or to World Vision to help the people of Nepal. (receipt provided)

This is series of paintings to which I have a strong personal attachment, therefore the originals remain in my personal collection, though I am now making available a canvas print limited edition of 40.

This is #05 canvas print of the original pastel painting. This will be rolled in a strong cardboard tube. Please allow 3 weeks for printing.