Teresa was born in Cornwall, England and spent most of her childhood painting the views of panoramic landscapes from the fields she played in near her home in the countryside and the wild seas nearby.

She started painting in oils at age ten on massive pieces of hardboard, sold her first portrait at twelve and then in recent years discovered the amazing effects she could achieve in her portraits by using soft pigment pastels and pure pigment powder. She found the luminosity of the pure pigment perfect for portraiture.

Teresa has built up clientele worldwide and has had commissions for many subjects, from a portrait for an ambassador, to a hang gliding action sketch for an extreme sports fanatic and an aircraft carrier for a naval officer.

 Following her last sold-out exhibition, she decided to run her own gallery near the woods in Portreath before moving to Hayle nr St Ives.

After a long break in painting due to personal commitments, Teresa has recently begun to re-emerge and is experimenting with exciting new mediums, including metal leaf and resin.

She has also recently returned to oils.